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What is a Freehold Property in Dubai?

12 Mar 2017

From a foreign investment perspective, properties referred to as freehold in Dubai are those located in “designated areas” in which […]

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Advantages of having a property manager

23 Feb 2017

Having a property manager from a reputed firm can prove to be quite advantageous when it comes to leasing or […]

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Simple steps to follow for renting property in Dubai

14 Jan 2017

Renting a property in Dubai can be a challenge, especially for those who are new to the region. House-hunting is […]

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3 Important tips for Worry-Free Property Search

9 Jan 2017

Picking the correct property can be a time consuming task. Here are 3 important tips to make it a hassle […]

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Getting your money’s worth on Real Estate

22 Dec 2016

As a buyer, without doubt, you would be inclined to know the Return of Investment of the bought property more […]

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Dubai – A hub for buying properties

24 Nov 2016

Dubai, without doubt has been a leading hub for local and international property investments based from 2016 and 2017 year […]

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